Authorized Worldwide Distributors F - Z



B = Bacteria (Clear-Flo, Enz-Odor , Nu-Bind & Treat-A-Loo)


 F = Fuel Additives

 C = Chemical Water Treatment


 Ferment India aka Salem Microbes

Phone: +91-427-466917/219020

Fax: 0091+427+464439

Contact: Mr. D. Ramesh Kumar

 Territory: India (B D F)

 Gexcom Colombia logo

E-mail: or

Phone: +  (+57 5) 3738348
Cell phone: + (+57) 300 6612190

Fax: +57-5-3706990

Contact: Ing. Orlando D. Gutierrez Coronado, Project Manager

 Territory: *Colombia (B)

 Green Tree Environmental LLC...E-mail:

P.O. Box 2705, Sharja, U.A.E.

Phone: Phone (+9716) 526-3020 FAX: (+9716) 526-3066

Contact: Mr. Silvester Derazi

 Territory: Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Turkish Cyprus,Lebanon, Gambia plus *the rest of the Middle East (B C D F)

Highland Farm and Home Supply ...E-mail:

Phone: (303) 651-6157

Contact: Caherine & Marty Sattler

 Territory: *Colorado, *Wyoming (B D F P )

 Hydrotech LLC ...E-mail:

Phone: (803) 905-1919 + cell phone (803) 468-0251

Contact: Ken PriVette

 Territory: *North Carolina, *South Carolina (B)


Idrabel Italia, Italian distributors for Alken-Murray Corporation

Phone: 0039-10-9131029

Contact: Dr. Ivo Rancich

 Territory: France, Italy (B F P)

I & C Clean Metal Heat Transfer ....E-mail:

Phone: 518-658-3018

 Contact: Mr. John Hulst

Territory: New York (excl. Long Island and NY City) (B C F )

 Industrieservice Mader ....E-mail:

Phone: +49 8123 991870

Fax: + 49 8123 991871

 Contact: Mr. Adolph Mader

Territory: Germany ( F )

 Markit Efficiency Products Ltd ....E-mail:

 Contact: Mr. Eli Pfeifel

Territory: *Israel (B D F )

 NEPROPAC ....E-mail:

Phone: 593-42-382552

 Contact: Mr. Gonzalo Bastidas

Territory: *Equador (B )

  Waterloo Biotech ....E-mail:

Phone: 519.571.0151 fax 519.571.1598

 Contact: Mr. Dave Pawlowski

Territory: Canada (B )

Organon Tecnologia Aplicada Ltda...E-mail

Phone: 55 11 4787 4556

 Contact: William Robertson, manager
Territory: Brazil (B D F P)

Alken-murray corp E-mail

Phone: +6011 6136799

 Contact:  i.V. Zsolt WALTER-MATE (Area Sales manager)

alkenmurraycorp probiotics
Territory: Malaysia (M)


Phoenix Processes, distributor for Alken Clear-Flo for swine manure and Koi

Phone: 405-878-9400

 Contact: Ms. Aneta Newton

Territories: Oklahoma, *Kansas, *Arkansas....Phoenix Processes also handles pork producers whose headquarters are in the above territories, wherever the facility may be located. (B)

 Polidist S.A....E-mail:

Phone: 593 4 2641952

 Contact: Dr. Jorge Chavez Cardenas

Territories: *Ecuador (B)

 Pond Pro...E-mail:

Phone: 262-537-2202

Fax: 262-537-3422

 Contact: Mr. Dave Larson

Territories: *Wisconsin(B)

 Prosep Chemicals, Alken-Murray South African distributor


Phone: +011 Tel +27 11 918 7751

Fax: +011 27 11 918 8123

 Contact: Mr. Steve Evans, Managing Director

Territories: South Africa (C) (B*)

   Pyrotech Korea...E-mail:

Phone: +81 517 9350

Contact: Tommy TK or Yang Tuk Kaun

 Territory: *Korea (F)

   SerbioTam C. A. ..E-mail: or

Phone: 011414-1344274

Contact: Gabriela Trebbau & Carmen Medialdea

 Territory: *Venezuela (B)

 SIRISA Quimicos S.A....E-mail:

Phone: 56-2-444-7177, ext. 108

Fax: 56-2-444-7167

Contact: Eng. Roberto Munizaga

 Territory: *Chile (B)

Solutions Chemical Consultants....E-mail:

Phone: 651-646-3231

Contact: Dr. Syed Ali

Territories: Minnesota, *Michigan (B D F C P)

Tahir Engineering Services....E-mail:

Phone: 0092-42-636 4235

 Contact: Mr. Nihal Asghar, Director

Territory: Pakistan (B F C P)

(sub-agent of Solutions Chem. Consultants)

 V.S. Chemicals Limited - E-mail:

Phone: (662) 613-7712, 613-7713, 613-7714


Contact: Ms.Panarat Viprakasit

 Territory: *Thailand (F)


Wildlife Habitats, Maryland Alken Clear-Flo distributor, non-exclusive

Please contact Kibbe by phone at 410-849-2071

Contact: Mr. Kibbe Turner

Territory: *Maryland (B)

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